About Pacific Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Comprehensive & Integrated Musculoskeletal Care

Our Mission

The mission of Pacific Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (POSM) is to organize musculosketetal care on the North Shore, Sunshine Coast and Sea to Sky regions. We want to minimize the confusion and frustration patients experience in getting care. We want to improve access. We want to improve quality.

POSM was established by forward-thinking surgeons, offering expertise in most orthopedic subspecialties. We are a group of 8 orthopedic surgeons with subspeciality training in sports medicine knee injuries, shoulder & elbow, foot & ankle, joint replacement and hip arthroscopy. Our surgeons have expertise in treating a broad range of problems from acute trauma and fractures, to athletic and sports injuries, to disorders such as arthritis and other degenerative conditions that typically affect the aging population.

We work in conjunction with other specialty physicians and allied health providers. Our office staff will coordinate your care whether you require:

an orthopedic assessment

surgical treatment

non-surgical management such as bracing or injections

referral to a physiotherapist or other allied health provider

or assistance with medical-legal issues

We put the patients and community needs first and remove beaurocracy through direct physician leadership.

We have brought the team together to work as one unit. POSM is the only organization that communicates with all professionals and institutions involved in the delivery of musculoskeletal care.

POSM works directly with family doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, pharmacists, orthotists and other health providers to organize your care. POSM also works with institutions such as Vancouver Coastal Health, Lion’s Gate Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, Squamish Hospital, Whistler Health Care Centre and Delbrook Surgical Center.

POSM makes it easy to find the care you need.