Book an Appointment

How do I get an appointment

At POSM we have surgical and non-surgical doctors to treat most orthopedic and sports medicine conditions.

In order to get an appointment you must get a referral from your family physician or another physician to the POSM Office.

We have tried to streamline orthopedic care with the ROCC Clinic which allows more rapid access for patients to experts in musculoskeletal medicine. This allows the process of treating your injury or disease to begin earlier than if you waited to see one of the surgeons directly.

At the ROCC, you will see physicians with expertise in orthopedic care such as sports medicine physicians or non-operative orthopedic surgeons.

If you wish to wait to see a surgeon directly ask your family physician to request this on the referral form.

Please ensure that the referral form indicates the interest in private options.
WorkSafeBC claimants may also be eligible for expedited care.