POSM Office

Our office is located in the Central Lonsdale area of North Vancouver, between Lonsdale Avenue and Chesterfield Avenue. The office is approximately 2 blocks west of Lions Gate Hospital.

Lions Gate Hospital

Lions Gate hospital is a 300 bed hospital located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a part of Vancouver Coastal Health and currently services the Greater Vancouver Regional District, Sunshine Coast, Sea to Sky corridor, Powell River, Bella Bella and Bella Coola. It is a recognized trauma center which has been serving the needs of patients since opening in 1961 and one of the busiest orthopedic trauma centers in BC performing over 1500 emergency orthopedic surgical procedures per year.

In 2009 Lions Gate Hospital underwent a major renovation with the opening of the Jim Pattison Emergency Centre. This 24.33 Million dollar expansion featured multiple improvements such as a three-bay resuscitation area, a step-down unit, decontamination rooms, and a dedicated orthopedic emergency treatment room.

The majority of surgical care provided by POSM surgeons occurs at Lions Gate Hospital and post-operative follow-up visits are most frequently at the Cast Clinic at Lions Gate Hospital as well.

Whistler Health Care Center

As a result of the vast number of trauma and elective patients treated by our group that reside in or around Whistler, we provide a clinic to see new patients as well as follow-up patients at the Whistler Health Care Center. We have a weekly clinic, on Saturdays. If you wish to be seen in Whistler please let the surgeon’s assistant know when you book your appointment.

Sechelt Hospital

As a result of the high volume of patients we see from the Sunshine Coast, the POSM surgeons visit Sechelt Hospital several times a year for consult clinics to help alleviate the travel burden on patients from the Coast. If you wish to see someone in Sechelt please let the office know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Squamish General Hospital

Squamish General Hospital is a useful resource for patients and surgeons in the Sea to Sky Corridor. There is a small operating room in Squamish General Hospital that can accommodate outpatient surgery such as sports medicine procedures like ACL reconstruction, knee arthroscopy or shoulder surgery. We are active at SGH and encourage you to take advantage of this hospital if your surgery is offered at this location.