Shoulder Slings

Post operative from shoulder surgery you will be placed in a sling. This sling is commonly worn full time, including while sleeping, to allow your tissues to heal. The hospital does provide you with a generic sling, but many patients find them uncomfortable and they often break down before the end of the 6 weeks of use typically required after most surgery.

For example, post operatively from rotator cuff repair, there is evidence that suggests that a sling with an abduction pillow can be beneficial to decrease the stresses to the repair. An abduction pillow is a pillow that sits on the side of your body and keeps the arm held away from the body. This pillow (small or large) will reduce tension on the repaired supraspinatus tendon by 30% to 60%. Re-tear rate may decrease in those patients using abduction pillow sling compared to those not using one.

Other examples of injuries or surgeries in which you will require a sling are: shoulder instability surgery, shoulder replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder or elbow, trauma to the shoulder or elbow with or without surgery.

The slings available at our office or other medical supply facilities are more robust, better padded and more breathable.

There are several options for slings available at our office. Most extended benefit insurance covers the cost of these devices. If you are interested in purchasing one of these before or after your surgery please contact your surgeon’s assistant.