The orthopedic surgeons at Pacific Orthopedic and Sports Medicine (POSM) welcome medical legal work. We have experienced surgeons that equally perform independent medical examinations for both the defense and the plaintiff. We pride ourselves on representing unbiased reports to both sides. Several of our surgeons have experience performing expert testimony in court and have gained a reputation in the legal community for our comprehensive reports and unbiased opinions.

The surgeons at POSM have sub-specialty orthopedic training in a variety of areas allowing virtually comprehensive IME coverage for the injured patient. As a result of the high volume of trauma managed at Lions Gate Hospital POSM surgeons are experts in the diagnosis and management of orthopedic trauma injuries such as fractures, injuries to joints, and ligaments as well as the myofascial injuries associated with trauma.

We look forward to working with your legal office. Information on sub-specialties can be found on each surgeon’s profile.